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Goodbye, LJ.

After seven years, I'm finally parting ways. It's not like it will be much of a change from the last year or so, but hey!

For anyone who would like to stay tuned, head on over to http://bootlesswunderkind.blogspot.com . It will not be entertaining, but it will be vaguely informative on the goings-on of my life and stuffs.

Hello, June!

I have a feeling that you are going to be awesome.

Seriously. For anyone who has never visited Maine in the summertime, you are missing out. This state is beyond beautiful right now and it continues to serve as the amnesia for what the winter was and will be again.

I'm going to pack up the little dog, some cucumber sandwiches and a book and head out today. What more can a girl ask for?

Oh, and Jason? I think our apartments should battle before you go and make such claims. Yeah. You heard me.


Yeah, I know. I don't write.


But things are going on. And that's neat.

Guess what? Guess who didn't have Seasonal Affective Disorder this winter so bad that they were incapacitated? Oh yeah. That's me. I got restless and anxious, but this much snow will do that to a person. I think we've had close to two dozen storms this year. It's been ridiculous. But though I found myself hibernating, I didn't fall down into a hole and that is very important to me.

I feel like maybe I lost myself a bit, and I'm my way to finding me again. It's a nice thing to feel like I can make any change to myself that I want, so long as I want it.

One of those changes is weight loss. I made a new personal record last year, getting up to about 215 and actually having to go UP a size for the first time in my adult life. That was a wake up. So at the beginning of the year (not as a resolution, since it was in the middle of January) I started keeping a food and exercise diary, for some accountability. I started out at 210 pounds, and I'm down to 200, so I'm definitely making progress. I'm back down a size to where I've always been and I never thought I'd be happy to be a size 16 again, but hey. Things happen. I'm actually writing this waiting for Nick to get up and have some coffee so we can go to the gym. I WANT to go to the gym. I like working out. I life feeling the accomplishment of it.

By the way, I'm really seriously proud of you, Jason, for keeping up with your work out program. I haven't said it, but it makes me feel less alone knowing that you're working hard too.

It's hard to eat like I want when I live with someone who eats differently, but I just make the choices I can. I take smaller portions. I don't add a lot of butter. Sometimes I cheat, and that's ok because it doesn't ruin everything. It just pauses progress. You can still move forward from there.

I actually sound like an inspirational talker these days, and it's mostly for myself, and as cheesy as it is it works for me and I feel really great about myself.

I still work the same job. I want to move to another position (kind of life a lifetime of missionary, thinking that girl on top sounds interesting) within the company, but I'm not sure what where or when, so I'm just keeping myself open and creating opportunities as I can.

Ok, the internet is wanted so I'm out. Miss you all.

Things Korea Has That The US Does Not

* Paper shredders in the ATM booths for your unwanted receipts. How brilliant is that?

* Fantastically clean subways and buses.

* Extra mirrors on their cars, for more visibility.


* The Bing Bong in a bar (a little calling button that goes "bing bong!" and the waitress comes over.

* NORAEBANG! This is a place that has rooms that you rent with your friends to play karaoke. Fucking brilliant. SO GOOD.

* Amazing photo booths. There will be pictures to document this.

* Korean food, any way you want it. For really really cheap.

* Me.


So, that flight was brutal. 22 hours total travel time, 20 hours spent in a plane of sorts. Pretty much the most uncomfortable thing ever.

But I'm here. And Tina is here. And it's amazing to see her again. It's like a piece of home in a foreign place. And foreign it is. Holy crap, I am totally in Asia.

And totally awake after six hours of sleep, despite getting none on the plane. And just where the hell is the sun? It's quarter past 7!



I'm leaving for Korea tomorrow. It'll take me just about a day to get there, and I'll be there for 12 days.

I'm excited about the vacation from life.

Morning musings.

I decided that if I could go back and start again from high school with the same brain I've got now, I'd totally do it. It'd be way more fun to, when someone says "You're ugly"! or "You don't matter!", be all like "Huh. Well, that's interesting."

Plus, Algebra would make way more sense this time.

What's new?

For those curious, a handy compacted list.

1.) I'm really into recycling. It's become something almost like a game. What can I find that is recyclable? We wrote on our trash can "WAIT! Can it be recycled?" along with my 'I'M NUTS ABOUT RECYCLING!' sticker. It's good times, and I feel better about the reduced waste that I put back into the world. At the end of the week; Full recycling bucket, half full trash bag. Win!

2.) I've been working pretty much every day all day for the last month between two jobs. The hotel is still my main thing, and then at the photo studio at Sears which is not bad at all. Granted, if I had thought ahead I would have gotten something brainless. But the people are great and I get to play with cameras all the time. Plus, as cheesy as it sounds, sometimes I get to take pictures that I know are going to be memories for people. Something of me in strangers homes EVERYWHERE. Sweet. And creepy. That job will be over soon with the christmas season, but it was just to get money to go to...

3.) SOUTH KOREA! I have my ticket to Seoul all set, leaving February 5th and returning February the 17th of next year. And that is only 58 days away from today (which means Larissa's quarter century b-day is a mere 60 days away!). I got my passport back this weekend, so I'm all set there. I'm pretty much just super fucking pumped to see Tina again. It's been almost six months since I last saw her. I miss her like CRAZY MAD. Going to a different country is just an added bonus.

4.) I really want a sewing machine.

5.) Work stresses me out a lot. I have plans to change my position by the end of next summer. Yay!

6.) I miss you.


As soon as I finish writing this, I will start preparing for dinner tonight. Isn't it crazy how early we start cooking on Thanksgiving?

Tonight's guest list includes:
Mom & Matt
Deb (Nick's mom)
Christine (Nick's sister)
Chele, Ebony, Jenny & Eric
Andy, Ericka, and Chloe

12 adults and an infant. My house is going to be packed.

I borrowed a few 8 foot tables from the banquets department at the Marriott along with table linen and cloth napkins, so it'll look quite nice. I'm not worried about the food, I'm pretty competent at making it and making it in a way that it all comes out at the same time.

It'll be interesting to see Nick's family and my family interact.

Too bad we couldn't make them all come to us for Christmas, too.

Have a great day, everyone.

Nov. 22nd, 2007

Henry left tonight, with a girl who was very nice. Her name is Liz. She thinks he is beautiful and that his strange meow is cute.

The house is a lot quieter.

Sophia has never been more social.